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*My instruments start at $4,000 and currently my waiting list is 30-36 months long

New Recordings featuring my instruments!

Rions Noir - Ratas del viejo Mundo

Laurent de Saint-Luc - Evangelina Mascardi Luth


New! 8C English Shaded Yew alto lute

New! 5 Course Baroque guitar after Alexandre Voboam

New! The No Darkwoods Lute A 7 Course Mateus model

New! 10-course "Double Luth" - d'apres Marin Mersenne (after M. Mersenne)

New! 6 Course Medieval lute after Gerard David

New! 7-C viola da mano with Ziricote multi-piece back and sides

New! Theorbo 76/140 cm 15 rib contrasting rosewood back with triple fillets spacers

New! 5-C Medieval lute" 56 cm string length , Gabon ebony (blackest black) alternating with tiger maple back.

New! 7-C renaissance lute based on Venere

New! Traveling Musician 10-C Bass Lute/ 12-C single strung theorbo

New! 6 Course Vihuela in G. 60cm Brazilian Walnut back, sides, and neck. 20 year old Austrian Spruce top

New! 8-course lute own model Brotherhood of Maple #2 (Birds eye/Quilted Maple, American) 61cm mensur

New! 11-course lute after Laux Maler. 67cm mensur. Built for Miguel Yisrael of Paris, France.


Album by Miguel Yisrael

6-course vihuela 59 cm Mensur

14-course theorbo

15-course baroque lute built for John Schneiderman