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Here is a list of professional musicians who have commissioned instruments from me:
Many of them have used my instruments for solo or group recordings.


Ariel Abramovich
Hana Alivodic
Robert Barto
Michele Carecca
Albert Cofrin
Rosario Conte
Xavier Diaz
Olav Chris Henriksen
Dieter Hennings
Grant Herreid
Dick Hoban
Yasunori Imamura
Mark Johnstone
Edin Karamazov
Evangelina Mascardi
Dominic Miller
Miguel de Olaso
Eric Redlinger
Paul Schipper
John Schneiderman
Richard Stone
Daniel Swenberg
Seth Warner
Miguel Ysrael
Ivano Zaneghi
William Zitto
And, of course, the list goes on with those enthusiastic and talented musicians
who found life difficult, if not unbearable, without the companionship of a good lute.